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After School

After School Clubs
Our students’ needs for social opportunities, friendships, and novel activities are met in the after school clubs. The Video Games club is a favorite. Students share their favorite games, their devices, and tips. It’s a chance to be the knowledgeable one.

The clubs are supervised by MHA staff and, occasionally, generous volunteers from the community who have a topic of interest to share.

After school clubs are open to non-MHA students. Contact the Executive Director for details.

Tutoring is available upon request.

Special educators and other specialists tutor during after
school hours.
  • Reading decoding, comprehension, and fluency
  • Spelling strategies
  • Written expression strategies
  • Vocabulary development
  • Mathematics, algebra, and geometry
Therapy is available upon request.
  • Speech and Language therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy